Embark on a journey through Buddhist teachings on communal engagement and the spirit of giving with the second module in our series of self-guided courses on Zen and Vipassana. As a continuation of the themes in Expressions of Awakening, Gil Fronsdal and Paul Haller bring their extensive experience and thoughtful teaching styles to illuminate the concepts of community and generosity. 

Designed for all levels, this course facilitates a transformative journey into the heart of Buddhist practice. Whether taken in the Zen and Vipassana series or experienced on their own, these teachings encourage the exploration of self and community through mindful inquiry and the daily integration of spiritual principles.

On Accepting Mistakes and the Vehicle of Awakening

Engage with the Community

Learn how community interactions become profound teachings on spiritual growth and understanding, through explorations of daily communal living and the shared journey on the spiritual path.

Explore the Spirit of Generosity

Discover the integral role of generosity in Buddhist practice, as it weaves through the fabric of Dharma, enriching lives and communities with transformative impacts.

Deepen Your Understanding

Gil and Paul guide you through the complex layers of mindfulness and meditation, highlighting the dynamic interplay between thought and presence to enhance your daily practice.

Embrace Practical Wisdom

Dynamic Q+A sessions bridge theoretical teachings and real-world applications, equipping you with practical tools to navigate life's complexities while staying true to your spiritual path.

For Every Practitioner

Whether you are beginning your spiritual journey or looking to deepen your practice, this package offers accessible teachings alongside profound insights for a richer understanding of Buddhist principles.

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A Community of Practice

Originally offered at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, this course opens the door to a vibrant community of like-minded practitioners, fostering personal and communal growth.


  How to Access This Course
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  Paul Haller - Zen Practice: Beyond the Surface
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days after you enroll
  Gil Fronsdal - Embodied Mindfulness: Exploring the Interplay of Thought and Presence
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Q+A - Exploring the Depths: Insights and Applications in Zen Practice
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days after you enroll
  Paul Haller - The Patina of Practice: Reflections on Daily Living and Spiritual Growth
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Paul Haller

Ryushin Paul Haller served as Abiding Abbot at City Center from 2003 to 2012, and is currently the Urban Temple Dharma Teacher at City Center. He has lived and practiced at San Francisco Zen Center since the 1970s. He received Dharma Transmission from Sojun Mel Weitsman and has been teaching for over 30 years. Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, he teaches throughout the US and Europe. He has been practicing yoga for over 30 years. Paul teaches at the Black Mountain Zen Centre in Belfast.

Gil Fronsdal

Kojun Gil Fronsdal was ordained at San Francisco Zen Center in 1982 and received Dharma Transmission from Sojun Mel Weitsman in 1995. He is senior Vipassana teacher and serves as the co-guiding teacher at the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA and at the Insight Retreat Center in Santa Cruz, CA. He holds a PhD in Buddhist Studies based on a study of the early Perfection of Wisdom literature. He is a husband, and the parent of two sons.