Class Description

In fifth and final class, we will engage with ways you can support your practice in your everyday life. We will pay attention to how you can build on what you have discovered during this online course. Also discussed will be how to use the re-sculpting tools to build a new pathway in the brain that more often leads to well-being and a deep sense of satisfaction and transformation.

We will focus on:

  • Developing action plans for engaging with your practice in your everyday life activities.
  • Being present with what is simply ever changing phenomena, we will use the RAIN formula as we practice recognizing what is present, with acceptance, an attitude of investigation with friendly curiosity, and non-identification with what comes to your awareness.
  • Self-assessing your practice by paying attention to what you wish to strengthen, i.e. patience, kindness, discipline, equanimity, energy with an appreciation for the insights that have shown themselves to you.
  • Saying Yes to Yourself: Turning towards happiness and delight.

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